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“The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel”


BioChem Inc has been developing products for water remediation since 1997.

Specializing in natural compositions, we have developed and brought to market the most powerful treatment products available today.

Bio-Clean is a complex blend of naturally-occurring elements with extraordinary synergy for remediating wastewater.  It affects the environment of wastewater systems, creating a floc so tough that it will floc again and again after shearing, even in recirculation.  It will not "load-up."  Complete with numerous catalysts designed specifically for Bio-Clean, there is no wastewater that cannot be helped by Bio-Clean. PFAS compounds are precipitated out of water and dropped to the sludge effectively.


  • Improves settling

  • Precipitates PFAS out of water and drops it to the sludge.

  • Settles scum, filamentous bacteria, algae, grease, and foam.

  • Reduces BOD, TSS and SVI

  • Improves DO

  • Reduces Dewatering costs

  • Stabilizes sludge blankets

  • Reduces wash-outs

  • Increases sludge density without packing

  • Natural, safe and efficient

No-Phos Rare Earth Nutrient Reducer

No-Phos is a mixed rare earth solution, also known as a lanthanide solution, made up of mixed rare earth metals.  This is important because lanthanides are the most powerful "safe" substances available in nature.

Lanthanides are so far down on the periodic element chart that their inherent qualities are more powerful than any other "safe" elements found in nature.  Without debate, No-Phos is the most efficient and cost-effective nutrient-reducing composition available, anywhere, at any price.  And, Bio-Chem has the patent on it.  There are other rare earth solutions in the marketplace, but nothing else has proven as successful and viable as No-Phos.

Bio-Clean Treatment System

E-Z Grease Killer

E-Z has been dubbed "The Grease Killer" because it breaks grease down at the molecular level and alters its state, leaving it in a neutral condition. From the day it was released to the public, it has carried a money-back guarantee.  After nearly 20 years on the market, no one has ever asked for their money back. 
E-Z eliminates re-coagulation of grease and burns out tiny roots, hair, rags and paper.  It is non-carcinogenic, has no toxic fumes, does not blow-back, and helps eliminate corrosion in lift stations and collection systems.

Hydrogen Sulfides, Grease & Sludge Reduction

The Revive product line is a complete facultative system of micro-organisms consisting of bacteria and their enzyme systems.  It is produced in liquid, as well as water-soluble dry packets, and slow-release solid forms.  It is superior for reduction of hydrogen sulfides, sludge and grease, as well as ammonia reduction, and odor reduction. 

PFAS Mitigation

In 1998 Bio-Chem built the first effective mineral precipitation composition.  We say the first effective composition because so many had attempted it without positive results.  For over 20 years, Bio-Clean has been a staple in many wastewater operations, used for everything from improved settling to nutrient reduction.  Now, with PFAS becoming a serious threat to the human race, we have equipped Bio-Clean to precipitate PFAS compounds our of water, dropping them into the sludge were they can be destroyed.   Effective and cost-effective.  

Natural Potable Water Treatment

Coming Soon!

Leaving the World Better Than We Found It.
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