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This wastewater plant is in the "carpet corridor" of North Georgia.  Because of the nature of its influent (95% industrial), it experienced significant accumulations of carpet fibers floating on the surface of the Clarifiers, along with offensive odors and extreme foaming in the Oxidation Ditches.

Ongoing challenges with low DO, high BOD and TSS led to permit violations.  Additionally, regular visits from local television crews ended up on the evening news as foaming impacted the effluent receiving stream.

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Before Treatment Began

The Bio-Clean system was employed in the influent of the Plant, and eliminated the need for deodorizers and defamers, and reduced polymer usage at the Belt Presses by over 50%.  Additionally, this Operation was able to reduce Press time by 50%.  Energy savings alone paid for the addition of the Bio-Clean system.

After Treatment Was Applied

Savings from reduced chemical additions have more than made up for the cost of using Bio-Clean.


  • Improved settling - more than 400%

  • Elimination of odors

  • Decreased BOD and TSS

  • Improved DO

  • Elimination of foaming

  • Reduced chemical usage

  • Reduced cost

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