Case Histories

Sludge Reduction


Tullahoma, Tennessee's WWTP treats 3 mgd of combined Domestic and Industrial waste stream.

In 1993/95, the plant was upgraded to a 5 mgd facility, redesigned to receive up to 28 mgd influent flow (with the addition of a 48 mgd equalization basin).

The plant receives the waste from the Bonaroo music festival each year with ammonia over 100.

In 2002, studies showed 16 feet of sludge in the Equalization Basin, with high ammonia.  Sludge reached the surface of the lagoon.  Dredging quotes were more than $1,000,000


Sludge reaching the surface

Biological augmentation from Bio-Chem Industries was introduced in into the Equalization Basin in October at the rate of one pound per day.

After 3 months, they pulled the water level down and sludge levels dropped 2 ½ feet, as the picture below reveals.  

Odors were eliminated, even with the introduction of the Bonaroo Music Festival waste.

Ammonia dropped below 10 from a high of 100.

Total costs for the sludge elimination project will be less than 1% of the quote for dredging.


After 3 months' treatment, sludge levels were reduced by 2 ½ feet.

Surface is clear after initial treatment.

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