Our Executive Team

Jonathan R. Brummett, President and Chief Operations Officer

Jonathan joined Bio-Chem in its infancy and has worked in every sector of the company, guiding it to excellence in manufacturing and distribution, as well as market development.  He became the President of the company at the age of 41.  He has a background in facilities restoration, food services, and automotive services.

Jonathan started his first business before he finished college and ran it successfully until Bio-Chem recruited him to run our Operations Division.  Over the last 20 years, Jon has developed Bio-Chem's production facilities and overseen our biological development program.

Jonathan is based in Cleveland, Tennessee, and can be reached at (844) 900-2244, extension 2

Kenneth R. Brummett, Founder and Research and Development Director

Ken Brummett is the founder and CEO of Bio-Chem Industries.  Prior to founding Bio-Chem, Ken served in various industries including Financial Markets, Insurance, Energy, Electronics Remediation and Bio-Hazard Remediation.  Over the past 20 years, Ken has developed and brought to market numerous products used in hundreds of Municipal water systems, Industries, and recreational locations.


Ken’s specialty is discovery and development of the resources found in the earth.  These compositions enable us to return water to a healthy condition. 

Ken is based in Cleveland, Tennessee, and can be reached at (844) 900-2244, extension 1

Dan Martin, Water and Wastewater Specialist

Dan Martin is a licensed water and wastewater operator with over 20 years of experience operating and maintaining various water and wastewater systems in two different states. Dan joined Bio-Chem Industries in 2016 after serving ten years as a Circuit Rider for TAUD (Tennessee Association of Utility Districts), providing on-site technical assistance to more than 100 wastewater systems in Tennessee.  


While Dan worked with TAUD, he developed and conducted formal training classes, as well as onsite training to wastewater and collections system staff from all levels of experience, from new Operators to Managers and Utility Managers and Mayors.  He has also trained Operators to perform all laboratory analysis, including quality control programs for laboratory and treatment plant process control.


Dan is proficient in troubleshooting operational problems to maintain compliance with discharge permits, He has administered assistance in all areas of operations, as well as maintenance, management, and finance.


His experience includes decentralized, trickling filters, lagoons, and activated sludge treatment plants (SBR, oxidation ditch, contact stabilization, extended aeration). 


Additionally, Dan has provided technical assistance with sludge treatment processes including aerobic and anaerobic digesters to meet federal or state bio-solids requirements. 


Dan is based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He is available to help you achieve your professional needs.

Dan can be reached at (844) 900-2244