Case Histories

Municipal Wastewater with Dairy

This Waste Water Plant in the Southeast was experiencing significant problems with filamentous bacteria, resulting in hard, crusty foam on the surface of the Aeration Basins, and settling problems in the Clarifiers. When the local Dairy Company experienced spills, the foam in this Plant was impossible to control. 










Before treatment began


Bio-Clean was introduced at the Influent Splitter Box, feeding each Aeration Basin equally.  Regular application of Bio-Clean dropped the filaments to the sludge, enabling them to be wasted out with the sludge.  Settling improved over 150%, and the microorganisms in the Plant are enabled to thrive.

Settling improved more than 500%.





30 days after Bio-Clean was added


  • Improved settling - more than 500%

  • Increased capacity in the Plant due to improved settling

  • Decreased BOD and TSS

  • Improved DO

  • Eliminated foaming

  • Reduced chemical usage

  • Reduced cost

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